Remix! New Ways to Wear It

We took favorites from other outfits and combined them to create this cute remix!  Denim jackets and stripes are made to go together like avocado and toast, just look at the denim jacket outfits on Pinterest.

The striped shirt was used in the Office Chic outfit.

The denim jacket was used in the Santorini outfit.

The shoes were used in the Capsule Casual outfit.

The bag was used in the Hoodie Outfit.

The necklace was also used in the Capsule Casual and Monday,Monday outfits.

The pants (different color but discounted if you buy multiple) were used in Work It Yoga Pants.

There you go!  A cool remix of favorites from 5 different outfits.  These are all staples that really go with everything AND they’re all on Amazon.  Happy browsing!


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